Day 19: Sweet Potato Harissa Cakes with Poached Egg

Day 19: Sweet Potato Harissa Cakes with Poached Egg

inspired by Grind

After the (slightly disastrous) omelette attempt a couple of days ago I’ve managed to find more eggs.

Easter Sunday feels like a good excuse for another egg dish. Plus this recipe gives me a reason to finally use up those egg whites leftover from the attempted Arnold Bennett. I’m finding it hard to think of ways to use up leftover egg whites. And before you say it, no I don’t like meringue. Sorry.

But I love these harissa sweet potato cakes. I’ve had them a few times at Grind Exmouth Market. Although I think they’re a staple menu item at a lot of their sites. There’s something really amazing about spice for breakfast (definitely more like brunch, we’ve had a lie in)

I was doubtful at first about eating something spicy in the morning. But then I made spinach scrambled eggs from Jamie Oliver’s superfood book. He tops them with chilli. I was hooked.

It’s great that more and more restaurants are putting up recipes and hosting cook a longs on instagram whilst they’re closed. Not only does it keep me entertained (who needs Netflix when you can watch a chef make a pannacotta in his kitchen) but it also makes this blog a whole lot easier!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading a menu and trying to work out how to make it. But today when we are both feeling a bit lazy, I’ll quite happily follow a recipe!

So when this popped up on instagram stories I knew what I was having for brunch this weekend!

And it’s really straightforward. Just grate a sweet potato and squeeze out any excess liquid. I found grating it finely worked better as it cooked more evenly. Then add some seasoning and herbs (I had dill so that went in the bowl) and add some egg to bind the mix together. Or egg white in my case.

I can see Aidan keeping a close eye on my egg usage now so I have to be frugal!

Add a teaspoon of harissa, give it a mix and they are ready to fry. Once golden layer up with more harissa and natural yoghurt. Top with a poached egg and you’re done!

Aidan was actually the one who taught me how to poach an egg. I don’t know how it works but it does. Every time.

Simply drop the egg into gently boiling water (you can add a splash of vinegar to the water if you like, I don’t always bother). Then you cook the egg for as long as it takes to make a piece of toast.

The weird thing is this seems to work no matter what toaster we use. We’ve gone through a couple over the years and they have all been excellent egg timers. Even when we are staying away from home and using an unfamiliar toaster. The eggs come out just fine.

That is unless I decide to pop the toaster half way through to check on the bread. Then I’m screwed (or Aidan was, as I did this the first time he made me poached eggs! He was not impressed!)

Seriously, I wouldn’t be able tell you how long it takes to poach an egg. It just takes as long as the toaster.

Only downside? When the recipe doesn’t need toast it does make you feel a bit daft. Turning on the toaster with no bread in it! Maybe I should just time my toaster?

Sounds like a bit too much effort today. I’m going to lie on the sofa and eat my Easter egg instead. Much more like it.

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