Day 28: Sri Lankan Fish Curry

Day 28: Sri Lankan Fish Curry

inspired by Hoppers

“I’ve got to find something to do with a pineapple.”

Aidan looks at me confused. “Why?”

“Because we have a pineapple”

This is thanks to our Oddbox fruit and veg which arrives every week. And I have to say the fruit recently has been a little more exotic than the apples and oranges we are used to.

Which leaves me with a problem. I can find loads of restaurants with dishes involving apples. Plums, for sure. Pears, definitely! But a pineapple? This is surprisingly difficult.

First I think I could make some kind of pineapple cake. There begins several hours of searching for restaurants with that on the menu. No joy. What about some sort of charred pineapple? I find a couple of places that have this (Heston’s Dinner serves it with a tipsy cake…what on earth is that?)

But nothing that I can make with what I have in the house. I don’t think I can justify going to the shops to look for “something to do with a pineapple” as an essential reason to leave the house.

I’m stuck.

Then something occurs to me. We could just eat the pineapple.

As it was such a rare thing for us to have in the house I felt a huge pressure to make the most of it. Make a blog out of it. But actually all I was doing was ruining the enjoyment of it.

So the pineapple got chopped up into a fruit salad. And it was delicious!

As I sat there eating my exotic pineapple and mango (also oddbox) I started thinking about far off places. Maybe after yesterday’s post I’ve got travel on the brain.

And somewhere I have always wanted to go is Sri Lanka. It looks beautiful! Honestly, I reckon I’ve got a full two week itinerary ready to go. I love planning holidays. Whether they happen or not is another matter.

So I’m yet to make it to Sri Lanka. In fact I haven’t even made it to Hoppers. A Sri Lankan inspired restaurant in Soho.

I apologise. A current theme seems to be places and restaurants I haven’t been. These lists are only getting longer as we stay at home.

I thought about having a go at a Hopper itself. That’s a kind of bowl shaped pancake. But a brief google (it needed to be brief after the hours wasted on a pineapple this morning) tells me that you need a special pan for that. And I’m not sure I’m going to get my hands on any fermented rice flour anytime soon.

But I could have a go at a Fish Kari…. or curry.

That’s it! I’ve always wanted to cook Jamie Oliver’s Sri Lankan Fish Curry. Another dish ticked off the list titled “Ooh I’ve always meant to try cooking that”. I’m making good progress on this list since lockdown. At least one list is getting shorter, rather than longer!

I have most of the ingredients. I don’t have monkfish, but I can find some cod loin. It won’t be quite as meaty but I hope for the best.

I only have dried curry leaves. These seem to work just fine. I halve the recipe, which makes plenty for two. I add a bit of extra chilli to boost the spice. The only other detour from the recipe is that I don’t add the water when adding the coconut milk to the curry (I forgot if I’m honest). But it wasn’t needed. In fact I think it would have made the curry sauce too thin.

But what do I know. I’ve never even been to Sri Lanka. Or Hoppers.

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