Day 10: Potted Shrimps

Day 10: Potted Shrimps

inspired by Andrew Edmunds

Does anyone else find all the days blurring into one by now? Usually as the weekend approaches there’s a sense of excitement. But now what makes Saturday different from a Monday? Not a whole lot….

It’s time for a date night. It’s very rare that Aidan and I get a Friday night off together (it is Friday right?!) Normally it’s one of the busiest nights of the week for the pubs so he’s working.

So a silver lining of the current situation is I get to spend Friday nights with my husband! To celebrate this I’m going to make a fancy (ish) dinner. We can sit down with a bottle of wine (maybe some bubbly?) and pretend we are in a restaurant. No phones, no screens. Just food and conversation.

Which makes this the first of a two part series I guess because this post is all about the starter – potted shrimps! There’s actually nothing fancy about potted shrimps but I ate them in my favourite date night restaurant.

Andrew Edmunds is a small restaurant in Soho and it is hands down the best place for a romantic dinner! They have table cloths, they have candles stuck in wine bottles. The place oozes old school charm. And the food is delicious!

I actually potted these yesterday so they had time to set in the fridge. (Anyone else spend their Thursday morning potting shrimps? Just me? Really?) Anyway, they are super simple to make.

The recipe is from River Cottage and I followed it pretty much exactly. I didn’t have any mace so I added a pinch of nutmeg instead. And I found I needed a to clarify a little extra butter to go on top to properly cover the shrimps. No such thing as too much butter right?

So now they are in the fridge ready to go (I took the photo this morning with the toast I ate for my breakfast!) and I can spend the afternoon planning the other courses. My guess is dessert will be cheese (see yesterday’s post to read about my cheese stockpile). So just the main course to go…

Oh and I need to fish a wine bottle out of the recycling bin so I can stick a candle in it. Who says romance is dead!

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