Day 32: French Toast with Plums

Day 32: French Toast with Plums

inspired by The Table Café

The benefit of actually having done some work this week is that, for the first time in a long time, it actually feels like the weekend.

I try my best to keep some routine Monday to Friday. Setting an alarm. Writing myself a list of jobs. I try and drink less.

I often snooze and ignore the jobs. I’m not always able to resist that glass of wine. But that’s not the point. I’m making these days feel more like a work day.

Likewise I try and make weekends feel different. No alarm. No exercise. And a roast on a Sunday. We never bothered cooking roasts before (it is a lot of effort for two people) but seeing as the pubs are shut we need to get our Yorkshire puddings somewhere.

However for all my efforts the days still seem pretty much the same.

But after a week of staying indoors, sewing my scrubs, I now genuinely feel like I’m having a day off. It’s made me realised that actually I’m really quite enjoying lockdown.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish we weren’t in this situation. I want to see friends and family. I miss the company of loved ones. And strangers for that matter. I miss going further than half a mile from my house.

But it’s hard to ignore the benefits. I have time for myself. I’ve got hobbies now. I read. I even watch those subtitled films that I never quite get round to after a hard days work. Slowly, I can feel myself changing. Have I discovered this thing called a work / life balance?

I’ve spent years working really hard. That’s the problem when your job is also your passion.

It’s hard not to work hard.

Now I’m just catching up on the life stuff. Watch this space, I reckon I’ll be knitting next.

So sitting in the garden on a sunny Saturday morning felt like the perfect time for some brunch. Because for the first time in days I can spend some proper time cooking.

I’m straight off to The Table website to look at their menu. A friend of mine introduced me to this café a few months ago. It’s a hidden gem near London Bridge. The food is amazing, the coffee is great, and you can usually get a table. Pretty unheard of for a London brunch spot!

I see this on their menu…

“French Toast with English Plums”

I’ve never understood why people call it French toast. There’s nothing French about a mix of eggs, bread, milk and sugar. Plus when did we stop calling it what it really is… eggy bread?? Is this the moment you become an adult…. when you stop eating eggy bread and instead ask for French toast for breakfast?

Either way it tastes pretty damn delicious.

I’ve got some day old white bread. I’ve got plums that are looking a little too wrinkly in the fruit bowl.

I think The Table poach their plums but I decide to roast mine. They go into the oven for about 20 minutes which is perfect as that is long enough to make the eggy bread. And a cup of tea. Essential that there is time to make tea.

This is far simpler than my previous pancake brunches. No resting batter in the fridge. No flipping pancake disasters. Just dunk bread in the mix, fry it in butter and enjoy.

And wow did we enjoy! I’m going to say this is the best breakfast recipe I’ve cooked so far in this challenge! And because you could easily swap out the fruit for other types it can be done without having to buy anything special.

I added Greek yoghurt (this is practically becoming European fusion!) Some mint and honey also went on top, but only because I had them. The possibilities are endless. As long as you have eggs, milk, stale bread and sugar the world (or at least breakfast) is your oyster.

So it’s actually practical to make on a day to day basis. I think I see this becoming part of my weekday routine. It’s not quite complicated enough for a weekend.

Or maybe I just call it eggy bread during the week and French toast at the weekend.

That’s enough of a distinction for me.

French toast with plums

French Toast with Plums

Classic eggy bread topped with roast plums, Greek yoghurt, honey & mint
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Breakfast
Servings 2


Roast Plums

  • 4 plums
  • 1 tsp caster sugar

French Toast

  • 2 thick slices of stale white bread
  • 1 egg
  • 30 g caster sugar
  • 40 ml milk
  • 1 drop vanilla extract


  • 2 tbsp Greek yoghurt
  • 2 tsp runny honey
  • 1 sprig mint


  • Preheat the oven to 200°C
  • Cut the plums in half and remove the stones. Sprinkle some caster sugar on each one and put in the oven for 20 minutes, until nicely caramelised and soft.
  • Mix the beaten egg, milk, vanilla extract and remaining caster sugar in a wide dish (big enough to lay a slice of bread in).
  • Put one slice of bread into the mix and leave for a few seconds to absorb. Flip it over to the other side. Repeat with the second slice. Between the two slices of bread you want most of the mix to have been absorbed.
  • Put a frying pan on a medium heat. Melt the butter. Once the butter is foaming add the two soaked pieces of bread and fry for 3 minutes. Flip and fry on the other side for about two minutes, until golden.
  • Put each slice of toast on a plate. Top with the roasted plums, a dollop of Greek yoghurt and drizzle with honey. Add some chopped mint and tuck in!
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