Hi, I’m Libby!

 I’m a freelance Theatre Designer living in South East London with my husband Aidan, who runs  pubs in the City. As you can probably guess during lockdown we both had quite a lot of time on our hands. It turned out to be the perfect time for me to start a food blog!

I can hold my hands up and say I am completely obsessed with food. Honestly the idea of breakfast is what gets me out of bed in the morning. After breakfast I start thinking about lunch, making mental shopping lists for dinner that evening. You get the idea…

Aidan jokes I’m like a toddler, getting hangry if I might be without food for even a few hours. When we got married six years ago my mum actually said to him “as long as you feed her, you’ll be fine”.

And he did, so we are!  

The Idea

What began as a daily cooking challenge has quickly turned into something I am passionate about. For the first 100 days of lockdown I cooked 100 dishes inspired by 100 different restaurants.

Now as we all try to get back to normal you can expect a couple of posts a week. I’m still making dishes inspired by restaurants and championing some of the amazing food culture here in the UK. I’m also going to be highlighting some ways we can all shop and eat more sustainably along the way.

It’s still just me, a home cook with no fancy equipment or high tech gadgets, doing my best to cook food that is (almost!) restaurant worthy.

I’m out to show that even with limited resources and experience that I can still champion our amazing food culture. I’ll use restaurants I know and love, I’ll seek out new restaurants and menus. The aim is not always to recreate the dish but create something inspired by it. 

Now more than ever, restaurants need our support. As we all try and find a new normal, let’s also find new places to eat, and new dishes to cook!